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Order Management Tracking System (OMTS)

Over the past 7 years we have invested heavily in producing an industry leading vehicle order management system, which allows us and our customers to manage the entire conversion process from vehicles being delivered from port’s out to our customers. OMTS manages every step of the conversion process and saves customers valuable time and money.

OMTS is a web based platform which is used by our customers and key stake holders to manage and track every step of the conversion process. It also holds all historic information meaning you can manage your conversions in one place.

We can store agreed conversion designs for each customer, giving customers 24/7 access to select and order vehicles.   OMTS allows us to give the entire supply chain access to the conversion process, thus allowing vehicle dealers, leasing companies, delivery providers and wrapping providers, to update in real time each element of the supply chain. Allowing customers to have an holistic view of each vehicle conversion.

Internally, we update OMTS at each stage of the process so that we can efficiently provide updates across the business and to our customers.

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