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Baywater LOx Lift

Baywater Healthcare approached Qi to design an alternative lift for use in their vehicles.

Operatives require equipment to load and unload LOx Dewars (weighing 30-60kg), which they deliver to clients every 4-6 weeks. The objective was to design a lift that would have second-life usage in extension of the vehicles 4-year contract.

Following submission of our proposal, a prototype was manufactured and installed within a vehicle, and a video of the lift in use sent to Baywater. The lift was then also tested at Millbrook to ensure it met criteria for second-life usage.

Qi received an order for 108 lifts which were manufactured on our site in Telford, and a retrofit programme was agreed with Baywater Depot Managers, allowing our After Sales team to attend site and complete fitment.

"The team at Qi have designed and manufactured from scratch a lift which meets our requirements. We have been fully engaged throughout the project, and are pleased with the After Sales programme for fitment at our depots." - Mark Brown, Regional Team Manager (Baywater Healthcare)

"The workmanship, effort and flexibility of the After Sales Team has been noticed here at Erdington" - Scott Walters, Regional Team Lead West Midlands (Baywater Healthcare)

Alongside this programme, Baywater placed 7 new conversion orders which will also included fitment of this lift.