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Arjo Huntleigh: GRP Linings & Folding Shelving

In May 2016 we began a project with ArjoHuntleigh (Gentinge Group). The initial contract was for Qi to convert 128 Vauxhall Movano vehicles for the bed rental stream of their business. As the 360kg beds transported in these vehicles are used within the medical sector, the load area needed to be kept clinically clean.

In the existing fleet ArjoHuntleigh had used ply linings and wet coated GRP to line the internal sides and roof, but this was very difficult to repair when in service. As a solution, we identified a new product to the UK market which consisted of pre-formed injection moulded GRP panels, which are relatively easy to install and easier to replace if damaged in life, but most importantly allow the load area can be kept clinically clean.


Our fitters were trained by the Supplier how to install these GRP panels, and seal them in place. This is an installation which Qi had not previously undertaken, however the team are now fully versed in the process, which means we are able to offer this form of lining to all of our customers.

A ramp and winch were also fitted to allow the beds to be easily loaded into the vehicles, to make them fit for purpose.

In addition to the specific lining requirements, prior to implementation the customer advised us they have a prerequisite to carry small boxes and bedding, and needed a means of doing so whilst ensuring the loads were retained safely. To meet this need we developed bespoke fold down shelving with cargo retaining nets, so that ArjoHuntleigh could transport the bed whilst also safely carrying other goods on the shelving, as opposed to having loose boxes placed on the floor of the vehicle.

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This type of folding shelving would also be ideal for home delivery and parcel vehicles, to ensure the safe storage of goods and boxes, whilst providing flexibility in terms of space within the vehicle dependant on the load.

"Qi were helpful and knowledgeable in the design of our updated conversions, they are also competitively priced"
- Rachael Bird, Fleet Co-Ordinator, Gentinge Group

Qi continue to work with ArjoHuntleigh, and are now carrying out a similar specification on a Vauxhall Vivaro.

If you require specialised GRP Linings, or Folding Shelving for your fleet, please contact us: / 01952 292166