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Bournemouth Borough Council: Quick Turn Around

Qi were tasked with a quick turnaround of 31 vehicles for Bournemouth Borough Council at the beginning of 2016.

When we received the request to quote for a new customer from one of our longstanding leasing company contacts, we were keen to take on the challenge of this project, and convert these vehicles within the short deadline.

Innovation_1_1 In terms of design Qi provided two specifications to suit the customers' requirements, including the addition of our first ever fold out vice table which was designed from scratch for this project due to requirement and available space, showcasing our innovation and flexibility for our customers.

The vehicles arrived at Qi in the last week of January, with the two specifications being prototyped and signed-off in the first week of February. The remaining 29 vehicles were then planned into build slots throughout February and the first week of March.

As build progressed, Qi over-delivered and completed all vehicles ahead of schedule by 28th February, storing in our compound until delivery was required by the customer - all 31 vehicles were live on fleet by the second week of March 2016.

Working alongside the customer and the leasing company, Qis' chassis specific build plan allowed the fleet team at Bournemouth Borough Council to view the mix of vehicles they would be receiving on a given day in advance, and enabled them to book the correct engineers for vehicle handover. Alongside this Qi delivered within a 2 hour window on the delivery dates, which reduced the amount of downtime for the customer in terms of drivers off the road.

Qi project managed throughout to ensure that vehicles arrived on time in Bournemouth, and were fit for purpose once they reached end users. During the delivery programme in March a manufacturer issue was picked up on the vehicles, which resulted in Qi quickly facilitating technicians from a local dealership at our site in Telford to resolve before deliveries continued.

As a business Qi are proud of the quick turnaround of these vehicles for Bournemouth Borough Council - feedback from the customer was excellent and they were happy with the overall conversion and service provided.

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