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idverde Partnership

Qi have been working alongside idverde since mid-2016; over this period both businesses have collectively grown together.
Qi have successfully converted over 150 vehicles for idverde during this two year period, with a further 100 vehicles already scheduled for build throughout Q2 and Q3 of 2018.

When idverde are awarded a contract, the Fleet Team work with our Key Account Manager to put together the conversion specifications that are required to fulfil that specific contract - this has resulted in the current catalogue containing over 30 specifications, involving a range of vehicle variations from 3 Manufacturers. As Qi design and manufacture bespoke racking on site in Telford, it gives idverde a level of flexibility with their specifications for each contract.

Alongside the information given to create the different specifications, the Fleet Team provide Qi with the volume of vehicles required, the dates of vehicle availability, and project timescale for delivery.
idverde also set up vehicle Purchase Orders directly with Manufacturers, and provide ample time for the supply chain partnerships to deliver the completed working vehicle asset in a timely fashion.

Each specification goes through a Prototype build at Qi, which ensures that build is fully documented and approved by idverde, ensuring consistency throughout the fleet.

The idverde Fleet Team are often engaging with operators and feeding back to Qi during this Prototype process to help enhance with the vehicle and tipper conversions, to ensure that health and safety practices are adhered to, with operator safety at the forefront of their minds.

idverde and Qi work closely together to monitor all fitments throughout the build process. Each vehicle may have a different livery requirement, so this information is passed through to Qi from the Fleet Team, where Qi's in-house Graphics department produce and apply each Graphics pack to individual chassis's.

As well as looking after livery, Qi help to monitor any tracker requirements on site in Telford, whereby a third party is advised of vehicle arrivals and scheduled build weeks, to ensure that Trackers are fitted in-line with projected build completion dates. Qi also work with the relevant Manufacturers, to ensure that vehicles are either PDI'd on site in Telford, or with the chosen dealership, dependant on the end-destination of the vehicle (monitoring any unnecessary mileage and movements).
At completion, vehicles go through a meticulous QC Process at Qi to ensure that all fitments are completed to the level expected by all parties.

Alongside build in Telford, Qi also offers an After Sales services for idverde. This After Sales team can attend site for Warranty Repairs or Retrofit projects, and can also supply parts to nominated garages. As mentioned above, our Graphics department are able to produce Livery Packs, which our After Sales team can supply to idverde directly if a vehicle has a requirement to change location or contract.

Over two years working with idverde, we have been able to fine-tune our processes alongside the requirement of their Fleet Team, to ensure that all vehicles are completed in ample time to allow idverde to have a seamless vehicle introduction for their contracts.

"Since we started using Qi Van Systems early in 2016 they have been nothing but professional in their approach taking time to get things right first time, even when things don't go to plan and it does happen they come up with solutions based not just on what they think but more importantly, what our business needs.

Quality of workmanship has never been an issue as has their ability to listen to the customer and work through problems to achieve workable solutions, this has extended to new vehicle builds which are outside their normal area of expertise but on which they take time to make sure the finished product is fit for purpose."

- Angus Lindsay, Group Head of Assets and Fleet, idverde

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