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Siemens: Collision Performance

Siemens windfarm fleet operations in the Scottish Highlands placed a fleet demand order for fifty vehicles with the requirement of Qi’s bespoke Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) vehicle canopy, manufactured and treated at our premises in Telford.

The design withheld a front impact collision as elaborated by our customer below causing very little damage to the canopy.

To date Qi have installed in excess of 600 units to fleeted vehicles covering the whole of the UK, providing the user with a well-designed, robust and safe working environment. 

"We had a serious accident yesterday in one of the new Hi-Lux vehicles. 

"The driver and passenger were very lucky and came away with minor bruising. This was helped with the great design behind them!

"As you can see from the attached photo the Toyota’s front impacted and crumpled as expected, but as you can see at the rear, the 1+tonne of tools and service parts in the rear were very safely contained within the Qi pod and the force of the impact was exited through the centre part of the roof and kept well away from the cab.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank all at Qi for providing a safe place for our techs to work in! (And no need for thanks for the extra crash testing!)"

Siemens - Operations Resource Manager