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Taylor Wimpey: Customer Service Operative Specs

Taylor Wimpey approached Qi through Alphabet vehicle leasing. The issue that they faced was that sub-contracted tradesmen’s work was difficult to control when completing final snagging works on brand new homes. Taylor Wimpey decided to employ a number of Mobile Repair Technicians, and using Qi’s expertise were able to provide them with branded vehicles complete with an ergonomically designed layout based around equipment accessibility and user interaction.

Trial conversions were designed, produced and put into service for Taylor Wimpey. The vehicles included a power invertor for charging tool batteries, storage for tools and consumables, a raised floor designed specifically to safely carry sheets of ply wood, plus PEE equipment. Once used in the field an assessment was made upon how the conversion could further benefit operators and a number of specifications were created so that employees could choose a conversion layout based on their operational requirements. 

The professionalism that the vehicles have empowered Taylor Wimpey employees with has allowed a role change from Mobile Repair Technician to Customer Service Operative. Operators are now customer facing and are able to carry out property surveys, compile snagging lists and carry out repair works. This has allowed Taylor Wimpey the complete control of the snagging process.

The vehicles have been so well received that Taylor Wimpey are now to roll out the Customer Service Operative format to all of its 23 UK Business Units and are looking forward to continuing building a great relationship with Qi Van Systems.