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Telent: On-Site Blanking Plate Fitments

As well as completing vehicle conversions at our site in Telford, Qi have a designated After Sales team who are equipped to carry out a number of activities at our customers' depots or nominated dealership. Activities can range from retrofits, to basic conversions (more information here).

For one of our customers, Telent, we were asked to carry out the fitment of rear blanking plates to 7 Mitsubishi Shogun's on-site with the dealer (Brindley Fleet, in Wolverhampton).

The customer required blanking plates to be fitted to the vehicles due to a requirement to carry sensitive equipment.

Initially, a Key Account Manager and Design Engineer went to the dealership to measure the vehicles, and then advised the customer what would be the most suitable solution in terms of meeting requirements, cost, and time.

After the quote was finalised with the customer, the blanking plates were designed and manufactured at our site in Telford, with the leadtime for this being 1 week. The vehicles were a mix of white and silver, so part of our manufacturing process included painting the parts to ensure that the blanking plates matched each vehicle.

One of our Technical Support Engineers then attended the Dealers' site in Wolverhampton, and carried out installation on all 7 vehicles in one afternoon (with fitment taking less than 30 minutes per vehicle).

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