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Below we have listed a number of Frequently Asked Questions:

Q - What is the lead time from order to delivery?

A - For a typical volume conversion, following prototype sign off, vehicles are converted and delivered to the end user in around four weeks. However the length of time that it can take to convert a vehicle can differ depending on the complexity of the individual specification.
Orders received are planned into Prototype & General build slots on a 'first come first serve' basis in line with the vehicles estimated arrival dates, so to ensure a turnaround period as quick as possible, order placement at the point of vehicle order (or otherwise as soon as possible) is advised.

Q - Can you hold vehicles on site?
A - We now have two sites within 4 miles of each other which have a total capacity to hold over a 1000 vehicles.

Q - Where can you deliver to?

A - We are able to deliver converted vehicles anywhere in the UK. We can deliver to any depot or home address, depending on preference.

Q - Where do you purchase your van racking from?
A - We don't buy in van racking, we pride ourselves on manufacturing all our racking at our premises in Telford.

Q - How do you calculate the weight of the conversion?
A - Weights are calculated by our design software from a material database.
All raw material properties (size and mass) are defined within each component design.
Any component or assembly not manufactured by QI are considered by supplier's data.

Q - What are you doing to ensure weight is kept to a minimum?
A- We are always looking at ways we can reduce weight in our conversions - Our current innovation includes using alternative steel, which offers a significant weight saving to our customers.

Q - How do you ensure compliance?

A - Qi has a dedicated team of staff with extensive knowledge of Type Approval and Legislative requirements. Qi also has access to an extensive range of knowledge through the VCA, Millbrook proving Ground and the SMMT for any compliance issues that cannot be immediately answered on site.

Q - What are the rules around Type Approval?
A - Type approval ensures that vehicles are made to a tested specification and meet the minimum safety standards required by the EC.

Many common modifications (particularly within the load space) which are of a semi-permanent or temporary nature (such as ply lining, racking/shelving systems, etc.) can generally be treated as part of the vehicle payload. Hence it is not necessary to obtain any specific approval to cover these kinds of modifications. Likewise, some temporary modifications on the exterior of the vehicle can be treated in the same way .e.g. access steps, roof racks/bars, pipe tubes.
Other installations that only result in minor changes to the vehicle's Stage 1 manufacturers CoC can be covered through an N1 / N2 enhancement scheme. These include approved electrical kit, approved additional lighting, heating units, tow bars and alarm upgrades.

However, certain criteria must be met:

A) Convertor must have CoP Clearance
B) Vehicle must have a EC Certificate of Conformity (CoC)
C) Changes have to be fully compliant with the UK normal IVA requirements
D) VCA witnessed test are conducted as necessary to confirm modifications
E) Converter must provide suitable documentation to support modifications

The majority of Qi conversions are carried out through this route.

There are exceptions. Conversion will require full type approval if Stage 2 invalidates any of the stage 1 system approvals - E.g. Seating, Brakes, Axels, Emissions, Power, Box Van, Tipper. These conversions require either a National Small Series or IVA assessment.

Q - Are you able to do a full vehicle wrap?
A - We have our own vehicle livery department that are able to fit cut graphics, however we work with a graphics partner that can under take full vehicle wrapping. We can also work with a preferred suppler if you have one, and this can be done on site at Qi where we can facilitate fitment within the planned project timeframe.

Q - What happens if we need something replacing on a vehicle that has been converted by you?
A - Should something get damaged on the vehicle and need replacing, including livery, we are able to offer replacement parts. These can either be delivered direct to where your vehicle is to be fitted, or we can supply and fit using our team of mobile fitters.
Please contact our After Sales Team for more information:

Q - Can you carry out conversions at a customer depot?
A - Depending on the complexity, some conversion work can be carried out away from our site in Telford, by one of our Technical Support Engineers.
To check whether your conversions would be possible away from our site, please contact our After Sales Team with your requirement:

If your question is not listed above, or if you would like additional information, please let us know by emailing