As a responsible business, we aim to work in a sustainable way. We aim to cut waste, make more efficient use of our resources, and to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are also accredited with an ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Management.

Environmental Responsibility

We recognise that climate change presents both risks and opportunities to our business across our customers, operations and suppliers and as such, we integrate climate change into core business decision making. Our focus is to support our customers to reduce their emissions, save energy and manage their costs.

Climate risk management covers both physical and transitional risks.

As a manufacturing business, Qi Van Systems operates a continuous process for identifying and managing principal and emerging risks including climate-related risks.

environment Environmental Responsibility
environment Environmental Responsibility
environment Environmental Responsibility

How we can help our customers

Qi know that operators are increasingly looking to reduce the emissions of their fleets, which is why our products are designed with a key focus on our customers’ carbon footprint.

Our offering includes:

  • Optimisation of product designs & weight considerations
  • Full alignment with new WLTP requirements
  • All bespoke racking is as light and strong as possible
  • 100% recyclable metal, wood, plastics and electrical wiring used to manufacture our goods

Doing our part

As a responsible business, we are constantly reviewing our impact on the ecosystem and how we can minimise our carbon footprint. 

We have reduced our carbon footprint “year on year” and examples of our recent completed initiatives include:

environment Environmental Responsibility

15% reduction in electricity consumption within our manufacturing facility through the investment in new laser cutting machinery.

environment Environmental Responsibility

40% reduction in water consumption through the installation of a new powder coat plant water tank feed system.

environment Environmental Responsibility

Significant reduction in phenolic and polypropylene usage through improved sheet utilisation.

The Qi management continue to focus on the environmental impact of the business, focussing on areas such as; products, material selection, design, manufacturing process, facilities, communication, and logistics.

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