Our Graphics department ensure that your vehicles are an extension to your company’s brand.

Our in-house Graphics department can design and produce a complete range of cut graphics, as well as Chapter 8 compliant graphics in diamond or engineering grades.

All livery is produced at our site in Telford, with the highest quality materials. 

We pride ourselves on the knowledge that vehicles converted by us have an exterior which is equal to the high standards of the converted interior. We believe that producing graphics on-site removes any risk of potential damage during transportation and storage.

Our Graphics department also produce customer and driver information sticker packs for each specific conversion. These include no smoking signs, but also include conversion specific vehicle information such as payload and service intervals, as well as any other customer specific requirements such as driver hotlines.

In addition, we are happy to facilitate third party applications during the conversion process on site, or our fitters can apply third party graphics. Ensuring fitment is included as part of the overall project plan to minimise any downtime.

We are also proud to provide the service of supplying graphics in-life direct to depots or garages of choice, to ensure all replacement decals are of the same high standard as the original.

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