4x4s 4x4s


Qi offers a complete range of 4×4 vehicle conversions to meet the increased demand for lightweight, durable and functional solutions.

We develop bespoke solutions to meet specific client needs. These are based on either HARD TOP or DROP ON BODY conversions configured with internal storage and optional ancillary products including heating, onboard power, roof furniture, towing accessories and more.

All our products are designed to be used in the harshest environments and are suitable for all vehicle makes and models.

We work with all of the major vehicle manufacturers, partnering with key suppliers and supporting leading UK customers across the Utility, Infrastructure and Construction sectors.

 Key Features:

4x4s 4x4s

Choice of Hard Top
and Drop on Body

4x4s 4x4s

Lightweight (plastic, fibre glass and steel designs)

4x4s 4x4s

High strength, tough and durable

4x4s 4x4s

Corrosion and leak resistant

4x4s 4x4s

Various door configurations (roller shutter, gull-wing…)

4x4s 4x4s

Suitable with all vehicle makes and models (Isuzu, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford….)

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