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Following the consultation with our experienced Account Managers which are typically in conjunction with a Design Engineer, using SolidWorks 3D our Design Engineers then create a vehicle conversion based upon the customer requirements and role of the user.

Innovative and detailed design using SolidWorks 3D

We also have a team of Electrical Engineers who are involved this design process, ensuring the electrical systems do not affect the OEM vehicles warranty and meet all legislation relating to the electrical installation.

All new designs are produced into a working prototype, thereafter our customers view the design and conversion in a specification sign-off process where they have the opportunity to make any minor changes to their original requirements. Only after this sign-off procedure when all aspects of the specification are covered, will the vehicles roll out through production.

Our designers focus on Innovation, in order to keep on top of an ever-changing environment, to provide our customers with Conversion Specifications which give them exactly what they require.