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Our team ensure that you have the correct vehicle, with the right conversion, delivered at the right time to the right person. Our logistics process starts before the vehicle is even received at Qi.

We deliver your vehicles when and where you need them

We can work directly with manufacturers and manage the process from UK port of entry, ensuring your vehicle is received in line with pre-planned build slots.

Our unique system, OMTS, manages and tracks your vehicle location throughout the entire process, and with your own login you can also track it every step of the way.

We offer delivery dates in advance in line with our Final Sign Off Date for each build slot. This means we can arrange delivery in advance, to any destination, to a date of our customers' choice, meaning that drivers can be planned out of work for a specific timeslot to reduce any downtime.

When we hand the vehicle over it is subject to detailed handover, where we provide a detailed introduction to the vehicle and provide supported documents. We are also able to offer customers a Key-for-Key service whereby we take their old assets to auction sites after delivering their new vehicle.