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Qi is a leading manufacturer in vehicle conversion equipment. Our manufacturing facilities in Telford are equipped with the technology required to produce high quality vehicle racking systems to any specification, along with ancillary components. 

Onsite manufacturing facilities producing bespoke racking systems

Our team of machine programmers use CAM/CAM and Radan to process designs ready for manufacturing. Working with mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel, the assemblies are then produced using our new state of the art laser cutting machine, turret punches, bank of press brakes, fabrication works center and CNC routers. We are also able to offer a range of finishing with our own in-house powder coating facility.

Our manufacturing process is rigorously overseen by our Quality and Compliance Manager, who ensures that our product is at the high level of quality that is expected from our customers. 

We use our OMTS system to plan our work flow – this allows us to ensure that everything required for each conversion project is manufactured ahead of when vehicles arrives at the conversion workshop for its' pre-planned build slot, thus ensuring a smooth process.