Qi have worked closely with the housing sector for a number of years now, one of which is currently looking at procuring their new fleet.

Paradigm Housing: Strategic Partnerships

Case Study

We set out an ambitious replacement program, whereby we delivered all 97 vehicles over two weeks, whilst also disposing of the old assets in a key-for-key delivery service.

With our experience and the help of Paradigms Fleet Administrator, we achieved the roll-out and successfully managed the delivery and handover of all 97 vehicles within an ambitious timeframe.

The vehicles arrived at Qi in the last week of January, with the two specifications being prototyped and signed-off in the first week of February. The remaining 29 vehicles were then planned into build slots throughout February and the first week of March.

Vehicle Type

Light Commercial Vehicles


Paradigm Housing

Project requirements

Qi have worked closely with the housing sector for a number of years now, one of which is currently looking at procuring their new fleet.

Over the course of 4 years, we have worked with Paradigm on a number of retro-fit programmes, including additional racking and flettner roof vents. These programmes along with an open dialog have helped us to maintain and develop the relationship with the team at Paradigm, which has resulted in the opportunity to consult and quote for the next fleet.

Specifications were discussed ahead of time and along with our design team we produced concepts based on the driver’s requests, which we took to Paradigm and discussed at a ride-by driver day. We engaged with the drivers that will directly be using the vehicles, to ensure that the requests that had been made suited the business needs. Each driver reviewed the specifications and it quickly became apparent that we could simplify Paradigms fleet with a specification that would suit multiple business areas.

Together with the procurement team, the drivers and our design team we are now working on new concepts for Paradigm.

Our hope is that by following the same process we have used for the current fleet, we will be able to grow the relationship again and continue to work in partnership with Paradigm to deliver a safe, efficient fleet that not only minimises downtime, but allows them to control their stock and give the drivers a comfortable working environment.

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    PHS Compliance

    Qi’s established client phs compliance, part of phs group, approached us with a view to adapting and optimising some of our own previous specifications to install into their batch of new model Vauxhall Vivaro vehicles.

    Barlows UK

    Barlows needed a flexible, knowledgeable converter that could support their plans for the growth and expansion of their fleet. These vehicles needed to be specifically kitted out to meet the needs of their fleet of technicians.

    Flying Colours West Midlands

    Flying Colours approached Qi with a view to improving both the productivity and efficiency of their mobile technicians. The customer required a redesign of their existing conversion configuration to make it more robust and fit for purpose.

    Taylor Wimpey: Customer Service Operative Specs

    Taylor Wimpey faced an issue that sub-contracted tradesmen’s work was difficult to control when completing final snagging works on brand new homes.


    Siemens approached Qi with a requirement for a vehicle to be used for the maintenance and replacement of pole based road signs.


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